Cyclist training with Tiffany Cromwell

Editorial photo story, balancing training session with Professional Australian Cyclist Tiffany Cromwell, commissioned by fotogloria/TourMagazin.



Hello IBIZA – property photography

New work online for Dos Marcos, rental site for an equisite portfolio of holiday appartments in Ibiza City. The comprehensive website  was shot entirely by Oliver Brenneisen Photographer. We spent five production days with two styling assistants shooting the four properties and many atmospheric travel photography pictures of beaches, destinations and city scapes, day and night.








Agency: treuwerthschoengraf, Berlin

Made in Mallora: Mandala sculptures by Cloë Colette

In our daylight studio with artist Cloë Collette

Cloë creates ‘Mandala Wall Art’ inspired by nature and spirit. These stunning mandalas are made by hand using the world’s most luxurious yarns. The sculptures are intricate pieces of art with a powerful presence, rich in colour. Each piece is unique can take many weeks to make in a purely manual process.



CF027269 1

CF027371 2 CF027412